PES Title I Parents

Poca Elementary School will convene an annual meeting at a time convenient for parents.

* All parents shall be invited and encouraged to attend
* The school will provide
1. Information and explain the requirements of Title I
2. Describe and explain the curriculum
3. Describe the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress
4.Proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

County Parent Involvement Plan
The Title I Parent Advisory council reviews the policy and determines changes to be made. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact:

Lisa Raines, Principal

Title I Teachers
Debbie Hackett, Kim Paxton and/or Leighann Strickland

School Improvement

Parents are invited to become members of the school's school improvement committee that develop the Title I plan at each school. Please contact Lisa Raines, if you are interested in becoming a member.

Provide Assistance in Understanding
*General Summative Assessment
* Alternate Assessment
*How to monitor your child's progress
*How to work with educators
*How to help your children improve their academic achievement

Title I Funds may be used to pay for expenses associated with parent involvement activities, including transportation, childcare, or home visit expenses to enable parents to participate in school related meetings and training sessions.

Poca Elementary School will involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner, in the planning review, and improvement of Title I programs. This should include the planning, review, and improvement of the school parental involvement policy, as well as the joint development of the school-wide program plan.